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January 4, 2013
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A Visit from Jack (complete) by Delly1997 A Visit from Jack (complete) by Delly1997
Jack goes to visit his friend and first believer, Jamie :)
The pic fixed up after realising Jamie's window was floating in mid air XD I'm such a idiot :/
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omg yes his room is'nt floating in space .... still it was pretty awsome
was it? i felt like abit of an idiot when i spotted it :/
Beuatifull just Beautifull Jamie loves getting visit from his friend Jack.

also just curious do you take request?
I can, but it depends, if im busy or not and if i can do it
what's your request?
could you draw Pinnchion findinga cure for Lampwick or the Fairy turning him back

and Jamie becoming a Gaurdine himself like maybe the Gairdine of Wond just like Jack is the Gaurdine of Snow if you had to choose between those two I choose the second one but you could draw both

and could you draw Pitch grabing Jamie and is about to kidnap him but Jack shows up yelling Put Him Down.

and could you draw a picture base on a Fanfiction of mine about Rise of Gaurdines.

and could you draw Jamie helping Jack find his way

also here is a revalation you could draw could you draw like what if Jamie was not the first child to see Jack what if Jamie was not the first child to see Jack like could you draw Jack appearing in the bedroom of this shaggy red hair boy bedroom or outside the boy bedroom and the boy making the same look that Jamie making in this picture or the look Jamie maid in the movie?
kk, lots of request

nots sure of the pinocchio one cause i haven't done that in a while, but i'll see if i can

don't you mean the guradian of wonder, and thats already norths center
but i could draw that maybe

i could give the fanfiction a try, send me a link and i'll see wat i can draw

finding his way of what?

i could do that last one

but i'm busy a the moment with reision and what not so the requests might take a while
sorry if that's to much.

well you think about it take your time there is no rush.

true or you could think of something else if there is anything else to use?

I will send you buy notes and I am still wring the Fanfiction but I can tell you what they are about and what you could draw from them.

to the after life to rest in peace and be reunite that's what happens in one of my Fanfictions.

the one where another child before Jamie time see Jack where it turns out Jamie is not the first child to see Jack?

that's okay I can wait like I said take your time there is no rush.
naaa we all do. al least i did. when i watched the picc again i saw it xD i feeld like a idiot not seeing it at first
Otokushii Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i wonder if this will happen with me someday "orz
YuliStar Jan 4, 2013  Student General Artist
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